At Sasol we pursue sponsorships that enhance our brand and its goodwill, inspire creativity, innovation, and create unique opportunities to build stakeholder relationships and experiences to make a lasting impact in the daily lives of South Africans.

We are proud to support selected sporting and artistic initiatives, as well as environmental and educational organisations and events. We sponsor three national teams—the Senior Women’s football team and the Wheelchair basketball men’s and women’s teams–and a semi-professional league with partnerships designed to bring about a positive change.

Sasol believes that disabled sports represents the ultimate triumph of the human spirit. To overcome a disability and play any sport at its highest level is a remarkable achievement for anyone. This has led Sasol, in line with its long running support of people living with disabilities, to support wheelchair basketball. Through our partnership with Wheelchair Basketball South Africa, we are involved in a sponsorship property that mirrors Sasol’s values of supporting people living with disabilities. The partnership aims to promote the sport to South Africans and propel both teams into a worldwide stage.

In a bid to empower women in football, Sasol backs the women’s game from grassroots levels through to the national team.  The partnership, which runs in partnership with the South African Football Association (SAFA), is designed to develop women’s football in South Africa.

The past 12 years of Sasol’s involvement has seen Banyana Banyana become an internationally competitive team, qualifying for two Olympic games, in London 2012 and Rio 2016, as well as the FIFA World Cups in 2019 and 2023. Many players from Banyana Banyana have gained opportunities to play in various leagues across the globe.

Banyana Banyana are also ambassadors of the Live The Impossible campaign, which is an initiative aimed at making young girls and the differently abled to realise that they can pursue their dreams without fear of any obstacles.

We believe in the progress of people and our sponsorships allow us to contribute to enabling potential and enhancing people’s lives for the better.