Empowering Lives Through Wheelchair Basketball

Sasol and Wheelchair Basketball South Africa (WBSA) hosts Amawheela girls in celebration of their participation in the U25 Women’s wheelchair basketball championship

Every year on the 1st of March, the world observes International Wheelchair Day where wheelchair users celebrate the positive impact a wheelchair has on their lives, raise awareness about the challenges faced by people with physical disabilities, and promote wheelchair accessibility.

Through our partnership with Wheelchair Basketball South Africa (WBSA), Sasol has made significant contributions to the promotion of wheelchair basketball. The sponsorship and support provided by Sasol have enabled wheelchair basketball teams to participate in local and international competitions, providing athletes with a platform to showcase their skills and challenge societal perceptions, living the dreams previously thought to be impossible.

As the world celebrated International Wheelchair Day, Sasol continued with its unwavering commitment to breaking down barriers and promoting inclusivity through its support of wheelchair basketball. Sasol’s dedication to creating a positive impact for people living with disabilities continues to be commendable.

Wheelchair basketball, a dynamic and exciting sport, not only showcases the athleticism, teamwork, and competitive spirit of individuals with physical disabilities but also serves as a powerful tool in challenging societal stereotypes and breaking down barriers. Sasol recognizes the importance of promoting inclusivity and accessibility, believing that disabled sports represent the triumph of the human spirit over disability.

Moreover, Sasol’s commitment goes beyond the sports arena. The company has ensured that its facilities are accessible to people with disabilities, incorporating wheelchair ramps, accessible restrooms, and other accommodations to create a more inclusive workplace and recreational environment.

As we commemorated this day, Sasol’s examples stand as an inspiration for all of us to actively participate in promoting inclusivity, breaking down barriers, and empowering the lives of individuals with disabilities.

By embracing the spirit of wheelchair basketball, Sasol not only supports a sport but also champions a cause aligned with the principles of diversity and inclusion.

Sasol’s dedication is a testament to the transformative power of sports in fostering empowerment and inclusivity; their impactful contributions to the differently abled community are anchored in their mission statement of Innovating for a better world.